Saturday, 28 July 2012

How I Tint My Eyebrows

I am off out tonight and am tinting my eyebrows, which I thought was the perfect opportunity to share with you how I do it.

I tend not to go to salons to get my eyebrows tinted - mainly because it fades quickly but also because you can do it yourself at home for a lot cheaper!

As with any dye, make sure you do a skin sensitivity test 24 hours before tinting you brows/lashes.

Here is what you will need:


I am currently using a Coloursport 30 day mascara, eyelash & eyebrow kit in dark brown, you can get this in Boots for £8.25.  I used to use the Eyelure one, but every Boots I have been too does not have it in Dark Brown anymore, so I think it's discontinued :-(

You also need Vaseline, cotton buds and some cotton pads.  The Vaseline is to stop you dying the skin around your eyebrows (never a good look!).  Just put a small amount on the cotton bud, and make sure this is spread all around your eyebrow.

Once this is done, you need to make up your tint.  On the instructions, it states for your eyebrows, you need 2cm of the cream and 8 drops of the developer liquid.  You mix it together in the tray that comes in the box.

Now, this is one of the reasons I prefer the Eyelure kit, it that it comes with a mascara wand to put the tint on.  With the Coloursport once, you get a kind of bendy stick?  I personally find this hard to use, so would advise getting a clean mascara wand.

You then need to leave on for 10 minutes.  Once this is done, simply get one of the cotton wool pads and soak it in warm water, then wipe off the tint done!

Hope this helps!