Monday, 28 May 2012

Review - Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour

Today I am reviewing this eye brow product that the lovely people at Stila sent to me.

You can find it here -

I, probably like any other make up addicts, was DEVASTATED when Stila suddenly disappeared a few years ago.  It was one of my favorite brands, particularly their lip glaze & also their lip conditioner which I would say is very similar to the Mac lip conditioner.  The packaging was really pretty and basically, it was awesome.  So one day when I walked into Boots and it was suddenly back, I was very excited!  Since then I have bought the Smudge Pots in Black Kitten  I personally think the black Smudge pot might even be better than Mac Gel Liner in Blactrax (controversial!!!).  As most of you probably know, Kitten is Stila's top selling colour and they also do loads of products in this color.  I wear it during the day for work and it even stays without primer.  Ace!

I have actually never seen anything like this Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Colour! The only way to describe the packaging is it's like a mini version of  Touch Eclait by Yves Saint Laurent.  You don't have to twist or press any part of the pen for the product to come out, it just gently comes out as you brush your brow. 

It's not very pigmented however it did blend nicely with my eyebrows. I have the medium shade which seemed to work, to give you an idea of the shades I tint my eyebrows brown and have fair skin.  I would say these pens will be perfect for you if you have very fair skin as they are not harsh.  

I REALLY like this product! Personally for me I would say this is more for daytime just because I like to use a brow powder for my evening make up and I just feel the Stila pen would be too light at night for me against the rest of my make up (as you can see in the pic, it doesn't come up very well in my attempted swatch LOL)

I wore this to work the other day, and it did last all day which is really good. It's just the right colour to gently fill in the gaps in your brows without being too harsh, which is perfect for during the day.

My opinion

I really love this product and it's quick and easy for the morning and for me doesn't require any touch ups during the day. Fab!

This product is for you IF.......

You want a nice, light product for your brows that is quick and simple to apply.  Also perfect for you if you are fair skinned. 

This product isn't for you IF.........

You want a scouse brow :0)

Friday, 25 May 2012

My new additions to my Muji make up storage arrived yey!

Hey peeps, 27 degrees where I am today, I am roasting!

My new Muji boxes arrived today! I posted a blog the other day I had ordered them because I underestimated how much make up I own ha!

See below for the before and after pictures. If you own a lot of make up like me then these drawers are a must! Today I got another deep drawer and what is meant to be a desk tidy, but I have put my brushes, eye liners, lip pencils and foundation bottles in it.

Let me know what you think!

Cat xxx

Thursday, 24 May 2012

What came in the post today...........

Some  very existing things have arrived in the post this week, one of the annoying things about working full time is you are never home when the post man comes, and need to get yourself to the local depot that isn't open at convenient times!

However, I managed to collect a parcel this morning which was a bag of goodies the lovely people at Stila sent to me to try & review on here.  I have a very interesting eyebrow pen, but it's a WET pen????  Very unusual as I have never seen a eyebrow product which isn't a kohl pencil or a powder, so definitely cannot wait to try that.

I also got a lip gloss which looks amazing!

They also sent me some powder from a different brand which I haven't heard of before, so I will do a bit of research before I try it.

BUT, hopefully by the weekend my May Glossybox will arrive!  Can't wait to see what I am getting this month!

Cat xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What's In My Daytime Make Up Bag

Today I thought I would talk about what I have in my make up bag during the day.

I am normally that busy at work during the day I never touch up, but I like to have my basics with me in case of an emergency!

I have a small Mac make up bag I got from the Mac counter in Selfridges which comes everywhere with me!

First thing I have is Mac Select Sheet Pressed Power in NC30. This is also my make up bag mirror! A pressed powder is a must, I tend to have an oily T-zone so this does the trick.

Then I have my trusty Mac Moisture Cover Concelear in NW20. I do have dry skin under my eyes so this one is perfect for me. I also sometimes use Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Bisque.

For the eyes, I have Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black. I normally use Mac kohl eye pencil on Smoulder but I lost it (gutted!) but I had this from a set of pencils I got at Christmas, so will do me for now!

I also have They're Real mascara by Benefit. I have used this for almost a year now and it is definitely my favourite mascara!

For the lips, I have Clarins Instant Light Perfector in Peach. I love this as it looks like a gloss but keep your lips moisturised at the same time.

And finally, we have the trusty Vaseline! You can't go wrong with this, is a must have for every make up bag! I work in an office so my lips get really dry with the air conditioning. I also wear this under lipstick for the same reason!

Muji Storage, Update!

Hi peeps!

Well, I decided I needed more Muji drawers, I think I underestimated how much make up I have LOL!

I have ordered another large drawer, if you look at my previous Muji storage post you can see the pic.  I just think these are really good for blushers, foundation etc........basically all your big parts of your make up collection!

They also do what is mean to be a desk tidy for pens, however I am going to use this for my make up brushes & eye pencils, lip liners etc

I will send you a picture after I re-arrange!  I am hoping they will arrive by Friday

If you want to get some ideas, you can find the Muji drawers here:


You can mix and match as they all stack together, they are the best thing ever!

Cat xxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

Nail Polish Of The Week

This week I am using Basil Street by Nails Inc

This is a lovely nude colour which is great for during the week at work. It takes a good 3 coats but then is lovely!

A dupe for this would be 17 by Boots but I can't think of the colour names' it's pretty much identical

Speak soon!

Cat xxx

Saturday, 19 May 2012

French Manicure - What I Use

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you what polish I use for my french manicure.

The best white polish I have found is Bourjois Blanc Glamour White. It has the perfect brush to do your french manicure at home. Another good product is the Yves Saint Laurent french manicure set. You get a set of pens which are incredibly each to use. However, I don't like the finish from the pink colour, however the white pen is brilliant, I just wish the pens were sold separately!

For the pink, i love the Rimmel French Manicure in 445 French Rose. I love the finish this polish gives and looks nice over the white. I find some pink polishes don't seem to look right over the white, but this one is perfect.

And finally, as always, I use my Nails Inc Kensington Topcoat Caviar.

Hope this was helpful!

Cat xxx

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nail Polish Of The Week Part 2

Hi all,

Had to re-do my nails tonight cos they chipped :0( I don't think it was anything to do with the polish though, my nails just seem to be really soft at the moment.

I stayed with the glitter on my ring finger and used Nails Inc Brompton Place. It's a lovely pink colour and would look even better with a tan! Hope you like :0)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Favourite Make Up Products EVER! Face Prodcuts

I did this on my Tumblr blog a few months ago, but as I have moved here recently I saw it was only the right thing to do it again!

On todays blog I am going to talk about my favourite face products.  The first product is Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 35 Tinted Moisturising Balm
This product is just fantastic.  I don't like to wear too much make up during the day and wanted something with an SPF.  This is a gorgeous balm which feels amazing on the skin with a natural finish.  It also has a fantastic SPF35 which protects your skin at the same time.  It's easy to apply so you can use a brush or just your fingers and it lasts for AGES.

Next up we have..........Estee Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release
I discovered this last summer and it is just a great product.  They do it in one shade, but basically you put it on your skin and it has these tiny beads in it, so when it gets warm from the heat on your face they break out into color which matches your skin tone.  This is a really good product particularly for when you go on holiday because it's really light, and unlike a foundation it doesn't melt & really compliments your sun kissed skin.  I do however also wear this under foundation, as it evens out your skin tone and is a nice alternative to fake tan.  I would say to use your fingers with this rather than a brush just because it needs the heat from your fingers to bring out the color.

Next up we have, Mac Face & Body Foundation
As I said earlier, I don't really like wearing too much make up during the day, but in winter I feel like I need something more on my face!!  Face & Body foundation is perfect because it's a really sheer & light formula that you can build up if you wish.  The only downside for me is that this is the only Mac foundation without an SPF, but this is the foundation I tend to wear the Estee Lauder Sheer Tint Release under anyway.  This dries really quickly as well and would say it's best to apply with a brush.

Then I have Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
This is my evening foundation as I like to wear something with a richer formula.  I have combinational skin so this is great for my as it's a gel based formula, with a medium but natural finish.  I have tried different foundations for evening wear and I have to say this is my favourite one so far

This is recently new to my make up bag but I absolutely love it!  Mac Mineralise Skin Finish
I had a Bobbi Brown Bronzer for years as it really lasted but it was a bit too glittery for me so I wanted to try something else when it ran out.  When I went to Mac, I was just going to get the normal bronzing powder but I was recommended this one instead and I have to say it's the best bronzer I have EVER used!!!  It's part of the mineral collection so it's a really nice, fine powder.  The best thing is, as we all know, you can over do the bronzer and look a bit orange!  This one is just perfect and sits really nice on the skin, then I just set it with powder, brilliant!

And finally for today's blog we have Clinique Blended Face Powder
I have recently gone back to loose powders.  I love Mac Select Sheer Pressed power, but I just tend to find it runs out really quickly and on a normal day I only apply in the morning!  So I decided to go back to loose powder again to see if it lasts any longer & this is one I used to use a lot a while ago.  It's really light but I use number 4 which also has a nice colour too it.  This is the last thing I put on to make sure my make up is set.  Another brand I would recommend is Laura Mercier, as they do a really nice translucent loose powder which I might try after this Clinique one, I will let you know how I get on!

I know I don't have any drugstore cosmetic brands here, but the reason I don't use them personally is just because I do have sensitive skin, sometimes still have acne break outs etc so I learnt years ago that they weren't good for me!  Everyone is different, so if you use something which is drugstore and think it's amazing then let me know
Next Time - we will look at my favorite other face products, blushers & concealers

Monday, 14 May 2012

Nail Polish Of The Week

This week I am wearing Nails Inc Kew Bridge, with a little bit of Bourjois 1 Seconde which has no name, helpful! But it's a glitter.

The Nails Inc bottle is super tiny because it came in one of those free sets you get when you buy direct from their website. I do really like the colour, it's like a calmer version of Notting Hill. And I got the glitter inspiration from other bloggers this weekend, Fleur De Force to name one.

Have a good week!

Cat xxx

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Muji Storage

Hi everyone,

Just HAVE to share this with you all.  I have seen other bloggers rave about Muji storage boxes for a while, but where I live doesn't have any Muji stores local, and I didn't want to order any online incase I didn't like them when they arrived.

However, I was away from home where I found a Muji concession, and I have to say, they are the best thing ever!

Here is what I have at the moment (I say that as I am tempted to buy some more ha!)

I used to store my make up in drawers but it was difficult to find what I was after most of the time!  With the drawers being clear and the way you lie everything out it's so easy!

They are definitely one of the best items I have ever bought :0) any of you agree?


April Glossybox

Hi everyone! Yes I know it's May and yes I know this is an APRIL glossybox :0) I only joined Glossybox a few weeks back so I only received this box last week.  For anyone who doesn't know, Glossybox turned 1 this month. You pay a subscription of £10 a month, and Glossybox send you a box of 5 samples for you to try out. They do all kinds of brands, you can find more information here

You get your Glossybox each month in a lovely little box like this

This months box is a Natural Beauty Box, so all the products are organic or have natural elements.

The first item we have is by Figs & Rouge. Peppermint & Tea Tree Organic Lip Balm

My lips are so dry at the moment with this horrible weather we are having! Plus the air con at work does not help! Tis is a really nice and moisturising balm that's really soft and easy to apply and you feel the tingling peppermint straight away! I normally just use Vaseline but this is a really nice alternative that I will continue to use!

The next item we have is Caudalie Vunosource Thirst-Quenching SeurmAlong with my super dry lips is super dry skin! Seriously summer 2012 needs to get a move on! I was happy to get a Caudalie product as a lot of other bloggers I follow rave about their Beauty Elixir.

Serums have never really appealed to me before but I do really like this one. The product itself is a little runny and if you are not careful too much will come out! But it does melt into the skin and after a few days I can really tell the difference. This will definitely be coming in holiday with me next month and my skin normally completely dries out in the heat!

Next we have Inika Organic Lip Liner.

I LOVE this product! I thought it was just a nude liner at first, but it actually has a shimmer so you can wear it just on the lip line or on it's own. A lot of lip liners I have tried before are really hard, but I would say this has a similar texture to Mac Kohl pencils. I am really impressed with this liner and may be looking into what other products this brand has to offer.

Next we have, Monument Professional Skincare, Rosewood Reviving Mist.


This is described as being a multi purpose product. It says it will leave the skin feeling fresh and uplifted. But it also says it is perfect for fixing make up. As I have been using the Caudalie Serum I didn't want to use both so I have been using the mist to fix my make up. I wouldn't say it makes my make up last any longer than usual, however it does make your skin feel fresh and the smell is lovely.

Finally we have Phillip B Styling Gel.

This is the only product I can't review as I don't use hair gel! After your first Glossybox, you get sent products according to your Beauty Profile you fill out on the site, so I am hoping next month I can use all the products.

I hope this was helpful and please leave any comments you have below Cat xxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 & 2

A must have item to any make up junkies kit!  I discovered the first Naked Palette probably about a year ago.  I tend to stick to neutral tones so this is PERFECT  for me!  I also love the way all the colors go together meaning you can create a variety of looks

The only downside for me is the fall out and how long they last :0( as much as I love the 2 palettes, I do find my Mac shadows last longer with no primer.  But the plus side is you get a fair selection of shadows far cheaper than you would get individually........can't complain!  Plus if you do use the Primer Potion it's much better.

These palettes are definitely a must have for any make up bag!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Fantastic Discount Cosmetics Site

Hey peeps!

I have used this website for a while but thought I would share with you all!

They sometimes have Mac but it goes very quickly!  Worth keeps an eye on, you can get some great bargins!

Monday, 7 May 2012

Nail Polish Of The Week

This week I am wearing Rose Libertine by Rimmel. I had recently gone off Rimmel and got a bit addicted to Nails Inc, but I used a different Rimmel polish last week and remembered how good these 60 seconds ones are for not chipping! I still applied my Nails Inc Kensington top coat though to protect it. I like this one it's a nice neutral colour for the week


Hey all!  I am relocating here from Tumblr.......will have some posts up here very soon!  Feel free to drop me a message, Cat XXX