Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Muji Storage, Update!

Hi peeps!

Well, I decided I needed more Muji drawers, I think I underestimated how much make up I have LOL!

I have ordered another large drawer, if you look at my previous Muji storage post you can see the pic.  I just think these are really good for blushers, foundation etc........basically all your big parts of your make up collection!

They also do what is mean to be a desk tidy for pens, however I am going to use this for my make up brushes & eye pencils, lip liners etc

I will send you a picture after I re-arrange!  I am hoping they will arrive by Friday

If you want to get some ideas, you can find the Muji drawers here:


You can mix and match as they all stack together, they are the best thing ever!

Cat xxx