Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Favourite Make Up Products EVER! Face Prodcuts

I did this on my Tumblr blog a few months ago, but as I have moved here recently I saw it was only the right thing to do it again!

On todays blog I am going to talk about my favourite face products.  The first product is Bobbi Brown Extra SPF 35 Tinted Moisturising Balm
This product is just fantastic.  I don't like to wear too much make up during the day and wanted something with an SPF.  This is a gorgeous balm which feels amazing on the skin with a natural finish.  It also has a fantastic SPF35 which protects your skin at the same time.  It's easy to apply so you can use a brush or just your fingers and it lasts for AGES.

Next up we have..........Estee Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Release
I discovered this last summer and it is just a great product.  They do it in one shade, but basically you put it on your skin and it has these tiny beads in it, so when it gets warm from the heat on your face they break out into color which matches your skin tone.  This is a really good product particularly for when you go on holiday because it's really light, and unlike a foundation it doesn't melt & really compliments your sun kissed skin.  I do however also wear this under foundation, as it evens out your skin tone and is a nice alternative to fake tan.  I would say to use your fingers with this rather than a brush just because it needs the heat from your fingers to bring out the color.

Next up we have, Mac Face & Body Foundation
As I said earlier, I don't really like wearing too much make up during the day, but in winter I feel like I need something more on my face!!  Face & Body foundation is perfect because it's a really sheer & light formula that you can build up if you wish.  The only downside for me is that this is the only Mac foundation without an SPF, but this is the foundation I tend to wear the Estee Lauder Sheer Tint Release under anyway.  This dries really quickly as well and would say it's best to apply with a brush.

Then I have Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation
This is my evening foundation as I like to wear something with a richer formula.  I have combinational skin so this is great for my as it's a gel based formula, with a medium but natural finish.  I have tried different foundations for evening wear and I have to say this is my favourite one so far

This is recently new to my make up bag but I absolutely love it!  Mac Mineralise Skin Finish
I had a Bobbi Brown Bronzer for years as it really lasted but it was a bit too glittery for me so I wanted to try something else when it ran out.  When I went to Mac, I was just going to get the normal bronzing powder but I was recommended this one instead and I have to say it's the best bronzer I have EVER used!!!  It's part of the mineral collection so it's a really nice, fine powder.  The best thing is, as we all know, you can over do the bronzer and look a bit orange!  This one is just perfect and sits really nice on the skin, then I just set it with powder, brilliant!

And finally for today's blog we have Clinique Blended Face Powder
I have recently gone back to loose powders.  I love Mac Select Sheer Pressed power, but I just tend to find it runs out really quickly and on a normal day I only apply in the morning!  So I decided to go back to loose powder again to see if it lasts any longer & this is one I used to use a lot a while ago.  It's really light but I use number 4 which also has a nice colour too it.  This is the last thing I put on to make sure my make up is set.  Another brand I would recommend is Laura Mercier, as they do a really nice translucent loose powder which I might try after this Clinique one, I will let you know how I get on!

I know I don't have any drugstore cosmetic brands here, but the reason I don't use them personally is just because I do have sensitive skin, sometimes still have acne break outs etc so I learnt years ago that they weren't good for me!  Everyone is different, so if you use something which is drugstore and think it's amazing then let me know
Next Time - we will look at my favorite other face products, blushers & concealers